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Smart Sales System " Stellio3 "

What is Stellio3 ?


The Smart Sales System Stellio3 is the Sales System patented for us that will change the traditional market, Stellio3 can be considered as the masterpiece of Black Hole Technologies.

Stellio3 is totally compatible with the company's philosophy: Simplicity, Efficiency and Infallibility. This system not only predicts what the customers are going to buy, it also can predict the desires of our customers and determines the products the they will be interested in.

But the strongest potential of Stellio3 can be found in its data system that permits to erase every single hesitation when you have to decide if a product is going to be launched or not. Why exactly?


Well, because if you know the reasons why the people are interested in a product, you can predict, with reliability, what would be the best products for boosting sales.

Our system is also able to reduce the staff tasks and free up some time for the staff to improve the most important point: a personnal attention for each customers.


Stellio3 has been designed in order to connect our customers with us, identifying what type of social experience they have in our centers.


Thanks to Stellio3 we can create our own social network, using the most relevant data of each customer with the aim of sales. Stellio3, as its latin name indicates, is compatible with every business structure.

What is able to do ?

Creation of a virtual, invisible network of our shopping center.

By creating a virtual network, Stellio3 divides our center in different cells where our customers interact, offering real and relative data, of their social experience.

If we are aware of the time spent by the customers to find the products he wants, we can extrapolate the data for our benefit. This allows us to redistribute our warehouses according to its optimization for each section, facilitating our customers purchases, always in our commercial interests.

Every section of our mall can be exploited at one 100% thanks to the study of the time spent by each client properly identified, but not only at the time of purchase.


Thanks to Stellio3 we will know if a customer is or will be interested in a product, as well as his routine in our center, offering us sufficient data for predicting what would be his next purchase. Stellio3 is an incredible time saving. It individualizes each customer experience and offers a detailed study of each one. The customer's experience in our center doesn't end when the sale is achieved. Stellio3 permits to create a permanent link between the center and its customers.

Thanks to this network Stellio3 is aware of the routine of each customer in the supermarket establishing the hot spots within each route, in order to optimize the sections in the best way and to provide a better distribution of products, enhancing the experience of the customers.

Creation of our own Social network.

Stellio3 not only is responsible for the social experience at the time of purchase. This point is one of the key points of our system: it increases the time of the purchase.

Thanks to Stellio3 we can see the purchase's history of each customer, in order to target the products adapted to them.

Another function fulfilled by our social network, is the establishment of different social profiles of customers, creating as many variables as we need, in order to achieve a better and intractable database on each customer from all over the world, keeping all the necessary information to make an offer truly individualized for each client.

Creation of different contents linked to our customers.

Stellio3 allows you to create different content in order to connect our customers with us. The consumer may, thus, use our facilities by consulting at anytime its historical shopping.

You can also create and offer different campaigns perfectly adapted to each customer. Not only the habitual campaigns for Christmas, summer, etc. but for example, if our user is a vegan we can propose him a special offer.

With this system, we can propose special offers for people who are following a special diet, by counting the calories and proposing a full diet monitoring thanks to our social network.

Reduction of costs.

Stellio3 is able to reduce current maintenance costs for superstores, thanks to the anti-theft system and thanks to a better management of our car parks, considerably reducing the possible losses.

Both systems rest on a meeting point, given that Stellio3 will prevent the drifting of trolleys.

Finally, the low cost of maintenance of the Stellio3 system is noteworthy since it can run for years without maintenance.



Stellio3 is designed to revolutionize the traditional sales system, connecting the traditional market with the digital world. It permits to connect our customers with our company and convert them in loyal customers.

It will permit to organize wisely our stock, reducing losses in unfortunate products, as well as the reverse effect. It will permit us to accurately determine the reception of a product recently launched.

All of this leads us to conclude that the company equipped with the Smart Sales System of Stellio3 will compete in a monopoly regime, since the information Stellio3 provides, a strong commercial advantage over others companies, making the competition absolutely unfair.

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