Do you know your customers?





1. Environmental pollution.


We lose approximately 9000 tonnes of steel per year because of the shopping carts lost and/or left.

These shopping carts are offered for free by companies to the customer to facilitate the purchase. Unfortunately much of the shopping carts are not returned for different reasons causing serious economic and environmental damages, not only to the owners of the shopping carts but also to vehicles, forests, rivers, etc. where they are usually abandoned.

In order to solve that problem, Black Hole Technologies has designed the Smart Sales System Stellio3. This device creates a virtual perimeter and gives to each shopping carts a unique identification as well as an issuer that informs the center once the shopping cart has exceeded this perimeter.

A new feature of this system relies on the perimeter itself. Giving that it is a virtual perimeter, it doesn't require main work. It can easily be customized depending on the needs of each center. It not only identifies each shopping cart, it can also optionally identify the specific user who has left the shopping cart allowing the center to take the suitable measures.

So Stellio3 is able to “save” the planet from the manufacture of 9000 tonnes of steal annually, enough to produce almost 300 000 000 stainless steel spoons or 30 transatlantic planes.

When we talk about environmental pollution we not only refer to the manufacture of those 9000 tonnes of steel, we also speak about the damages caused by shopping carts in different geographical areas. Sadly, it is very common to find shopping carts in natural habitats such as beaches, forests, parks, etc.

In order to tackle this situation several Administrative Departments have begun to penalize the abandonment of shopping carts due to the expenditure incurred for the society sanctioning the companies responsible for such shopping carts. Therefore, some of these companies have begun to hire agencies specialised on the recovery of the shopping carts in order to not only improve their corporate image but also to recover part of their investment.



2.- Marketing.


Black Hole Technologies, by following this same line, tries to participate in the reduction of the pollution generated by the so-called Direct Marketing. We don't pretend to eliminate the Direct Marketing but we want to use it differently as for instance thanks to the mail campaigns. We know that big Retail companies print approximately 2.500 millions of annual brochures (Data provided by Imop, Publinfo and Arce Media in 2013). To make these 2.500 millions of brochures, we need to cut down hundreds of trees and damage the environment.

As mentioned earlier, Black Hole Technologie doesn't propose to eliminate the Direct Marketing, in fact, it is quite the contrary. Our intention is to customize it in order to increase its efficiency, which is not hard. The advertising currently generated by large retail chains is not very effective. In fact digital advertising of these chains is barely relevant today considering that the advertising banners have an efficiency of hardly 0,1%.