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Smart Sales System " Vultur3 "

Smart Sales System

Designed for Stores


What is Vultur3! ?


The Smart Sales System Vultur3! responds to the need to avoid shoplifting in clothes and accessories stores. Vultur3! is able to adapt to any kind of retail shops. For instance, our system is able to adapt to small clothes stores like Zara as well as large surfaces like Ikea.

Besides being a Smart antitheft System of the latest generation, the Smart Sales System Vultur3! creates a connection between the products offered in the store and the end customers. Our system will allow us to interact direclty with the end users of our products, in real time. This ability will enable us to offer attractive products for our customers in the future. Because we think that a Smart System has to facilitate the work for the installer company, Vultur3! functions automatically and logically.

This system consists of a carrying bag with its dispensing machine and the antitheft devices. Vultur3! not only will let us know the route realized by each customer in our center but it will also inform us of the items that have been chosen by the clients, regardless of whether the purchase has been finalized or not.

The antitheft function of our system is certainly the most advanced in the sector. This device not only will allow us to know when and where there is a theft, in real time, but it will also let us know who exactly is executing the robbery.

Thanks to this identification, we will be able to put in place preventive measures to avoid shoplifting in the future.

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize the advertising functions realized by Vultur3! both at personal and general levels. Vultur3! is able to create a catalog automatically, thanks to the identification of the items that have generated interest for the customers. It is also able to offer a concrete size of cothing if we have excess stock. Regardless of our work in the store, Vultur3! is working for us by contacting directly with the customers or interacting with them on their social networks.


What functions are fulfilled by Vultur3! ?


1. Active route.


Thanks to the dispositive directly situated in the shopping bag, we can know at all times the exact position of each customer. With these data we will be able to know, with the best precision, the time spent by our customers in our stores and estimate the interest they have shown for the products. These data can be easily collected and organized with an Excel document or thanks to any other platform of this kind. Furthermore, the data can be compared with the images recorded by the CCTV. The system offers us incredible information and permits us to be aware of the products the customers are really interested in, regardless of what they actually buy. We have to keep in mind that the average customer will realize at least two visits before he spend a sum of money superior to 200 $. Moreover, we will be able to see in what products the customer seemed to be interested in but has decided not to buy for one reason and to propose him a similar product for the next time. We will be able to contact with the clients by mail or WhatsApp, MMS or any type of technology before the customer starts his shopping in order to convince him to go for buying this specific product in our stores.


2. Routine.


Thanks to the new knowledge produced by the analysis of the active route, we will be able to establish our customer’s routine from his social experience in our store to his usual routine, since we would be aware of the hours of visits. This information will permit us to propose special offers for each customer at a precise moment.


3. Antitheft System.


The antitheft system of the Smart Sales System Vultur3! is different from the antitheft system of the Smart Sales System Stellio3!.

Vultur3! offers protection for diverse items while Stellio3! offers protection for shopping carts. Vultur3! protects our goods and the shopping bags.

For this, Vultur3! has been designed to be compatible with almost all existing antitheft systems, from the simpliest one (antitheft photos for stores like ZARA) to more complex and expensive systems like display alarms.

The protection of our items is guaranteed by the same method designed to protect them. At the time when the antitheft system is being manipulated, the device will emit a warning (silent or sound warning according to the preferences of the installer company) that allows us to know in real time the manipulation of the item and the current stock in each center.


4. Control of the shopping bags.


Thanks to the machine designed by Black Hole Technologies to dispense shopping bags installed in each store, we will be able to know the control of the bags at all times. Each bag will deliver its position and the identification of the carrier customer in real time.



5. Automation of the system.


Vultur3! doesn’t need staff for its functioning. It only needs one person, once a year for its maintenance.


6. Intenational registered patent.


The Smart Sales System Vultur3! has been patented internationally by Black Hole Technologies. This patent permits us to establish a commercial relationship based on a monopoly that will be last until 2034 without any competition


7. Economical and rapid installation.


One of the strong points of our Smart Sales System Vultur3! is its reduced cost of installation. The integration of Vultur3! in a store doesn’t require a lot of work. The launch of the new system is very rapid thanks to the use of the Ethernet for the supply. Consequently, the maintenance costs are very low. The shopping bags don’t need to be changed. It is just required to extract the old currency system and put the Vultur3! instead.


8. Invisible system.


One of the most appreciated features of Vultur3! system is its invisibility. At a time when some users disapprove the share of their personal information, this characteristic stands as essential for this type of systems. Our system is practically invisible, since the shopping bag integrates our technology inside.

Thanks to a careful design, this technology occupies a very small space so it can be inserted into the handle of the shopping bag without any difficulty, being imperceptible to the customer.

In this way we get our customers to operate with these bags even unconsciously while we offer them a product that will improve their experience in the store, providing extra convenience for transporting several items easily.


9. Staff reduction.


Thanks to our system billing functions will be reduced simply because the staff only have to confirm the information issued by the bag is correct.

Furthermore thanks to Vultur3!, we will get more efficiency in our staff and management without current tasks because of the automation of the system. So, the efforts of the all staff can be pointed at the most important thing: personal attention to the client. Moreover, we will possess valuable information useful to the Marketing Department. The marketing campaigns can be realized automatically. Other companies won’t be able to create such campaigns.


10. High Compatibility.


One of the current problematic resides on the integration of new dispositive in the computer systems used by big companies. Black Hole Technology is proud to present a system which presents high degree of adaptability to any computer platform.




11. Stimulation for sales online.


Our system creates a link between our store and the customer not only because of its economic interests per se. In fact, thanks to the Vultur3! system, we will create a network on which the customer will be constantly connected in order to consult the new products and share their social experience as the valorization of our products for facilitating communication between them and us. Thanks to the data collected in our stores, we will have access to a multitude of information hardly comparable with other social networks even Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. With our own social network, we will access to exact information in real time about customer’s mode of consumption, usual purchases and wishes, regardless of the collected data we obtain to our center's explotation


12. Personalized catalogs.


Thanks to Vultur3! we can offer a catalog actually useful for each customer instead of the typical leaflets, so we can observe a reduction in advertising costs. Our digital leaflets are automatically filled out by our system with the products the customer has shown interest in and his usual purchases. The customer can receive these leaflets automatically on his e-mail address, free on charges.

To conclude, we are going to develop an impressive function of Vultur3!. Thanks to the wireless identification of our customers, we will be able to personalize the advertising for each one. Moreover, while the customer is strolling in our store, we can send him different offers detected by our system in order to propose them to the customer.

The customer will be able to consult this personalized offers with an OLED screen. We will be able to contact with our suppliers for obtaining the best offer in order to raise the sales in our stores and open a new business channel.


13. SmartWall.


Thanks to the SmartWall, the customer will be able to consult the prices of the items he has put in his shopping bag, available sizes, his last purchases, etc.

SmartWall is one of the solutions offered by Black Hole Technologies in order to produce benefits for our stores.

This dispositive permits us to consult online or in our stores all the offers proposed to the customer at all times. Our customers will get to all the information we want them to be aware of as for instance the location of each product in our store and the amount of shopping bags. The customer can compare his actual purchases with his shopping list and consult his personal sales historical in real time,. All of this permits us to raise the number of sales online thanks to a better integration to the e-Commerce platform. The SmartWall's installation doesn’t need a lot of work, it only requires a tactile screen and a connection to our network thanks to an Ethernet gate. The customer only has to bring the shopping bag close to the column and enter his client password in order to be connected to our network. SmartWall could compile the different applications created by the Department stores by joining them and create a new useful and attractive tool. Applications previously created by the Department stores could perfectly be compatible with SmartWall. Each Department stores’s platform online may become the most important verified database at the global level in a few months.


14. Billing enabler.


Our system records all the items introduced or extracted inside and outside the shopping bag. Thanks to this, the staff in charge of the cash register will only verify that the information is correct, an operation that could be realized when deactivating the antitheft devices and introducing items purchased in the final bag carried by the customer. This feature is complemented by the SmartWall, so the customers will be able to know the cost of his purchase before accessing the cash register. The waiting time for the billing will be reduced.


15. Help for the control and the stock count in real time.


Thanks to our antitheft device, we will be able to know at all times all the existing items within the store, facilitating the entry of goods into the new system, regardless of the number of different references existing in the order. Since these devices are reusable, such information is self-upgradeable. So, we not only will be able to know the current stock but we will also be able to detect where each item is located.


What are the benefits for the installer company?


First of all, we would like to conclude that there are numerous and various benefits that we are not going to develop here but that can be deduced from all the functions described aforesaid. Though, we can assert that Vultur3! has been conceived for Department stores.

It seems more interesting to develop the implantation of our smart system in the addressee company due to our mutual interest in establish a possible commercial partnership in which the Department stores can benefit from the use of Vultur3!. These benefits can be found in the amount of advantages provided by the system as the reduction of costs regardless to the value of the market repercussions.

In order to extract the entire system’s potential, Black Hole Technologies wants to provide our system to a small number of consumers. We think that the value of Vultur3! can be maintained for years by working with just one supplier depending on the territory and we think that the ideal supplier can be you. The patented system assures for both a monopoly position.

In Black Hole Technologies we believe that the best benefit of the system is the assurance of this position on the market. A company using all the characteristics of Vultur3! would be technically invincible thanks to the information obtained and its adequate application.

Finally, the benefits for the Department Stores would be:

Reduction of costs to manufacturers: Thanks to Vultur3! we will be able to reduce significantly your investment. Thanks to the information obtained by the Smart Sales System, we will be able to concretize the orders to achieve. This will reduce the need of discounted sales due to drop in production by controlling better the stock. We will be able to adapt the production to the customer demand.

Reduction of costs for the control of shopping bags: Thanks to the antitheft system, we will be able to solve a problem that costs billions of dollars each year. For instance, in some countries it is forbidden and sanctioned the desertion of shopping bags. This system permits us to order all of the shopping bags without any effort.

Reduction of costs in the replacement staff, marketing campaigns, insurance campaigns etc.

The replacement staff could be newly oriented to the most important thing: Personal attention to the customer.

Thanks to Vultur3!, Department stores will be able to realize direct marketing campaigns. The customers can automatically receive a personalized catalog without any costs for the company. This catalog will be more efficient because it selects only the products the customer is interested in.

New and innovative business channel: Thanks to the advertising in our stores, the company appears moderner.

The RFID system can’t compete with Vultur3! but it can complete it for instance in order to develop the goods’ logistic. We will obtain more economic label.

Major expansion of our database: Department stores own one of the best database in the world. We think that these companies that always search the excellence could be able to reach the best database in the world with real and useful data, automatically updated. In Black Hole Technologies we prioritize the quality of the data we collect.

The e-commence exponential strengthening: Our system is easy to integrate to other e- commerce options previously developed by the Department stores. The integration of Vultur3! in your system would revolutionize the sales online and inside the stores. Vultur3! constitutes a bridge between these two types of business.

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